Being a family owned and operated small business ourselves, we understand the family and lifestyle commitments of our clients and strive to help our clients realise their work / life balance whilst maintaining affordable, high quality accounting services.

We are committed to getting to know you and your business so we can help you achieve your goals, whether they be financial or personal.

We have a strong network of advisors who we can refer you to for additional services, such as

  • Financial Advice

  • Legal Advice

  • Property Managers

  • Settlement Agents

  • Agricultural Consultants


David Pass

David brings over 40 years experience in agricultural accounting to Pass & Associates. Having worked in Geraldton, Manjimup, Brookton and Perth and formerly being the head accountant for Peter Hackett, David is the founder of Pass & Associates and created the "client first" philosophy of the firm.


Karl Pass

Karl joined Pass & Associates in 2007 after two years with a prestigious West Perth accounting firm and a further three years with another boutique accounting firm. Karl manages the day to day operations of the business and enjoys assisting clients achieve their goals. Karl achieved the status of top accounting student at Curtin University.


Kellie Hoffman

Kellie joined Pass & Associates in 2020 after gaining varied experience in bookkeeping, tax and accounting for small business right up to large corporations. Kellie has nearly 20 years experience, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has also undertaken the Tax Institute Program, finishing the Foundations unit with a score of 100% . Kellie enjoys helping her clients achieve their goals and is a strong believer that communication is key.


Johnny Le

Johnny joined Pass & Associates in 2017 as a graduate tax accountant, having completed his Bachelors of Commerce; majoring in accounting and taxation at Curtin University. Johnny has an affinity towards the ever-changing tax systems. He has a family background in agriculture and continues to maintain the accounts of the family business.


Jasmine Spencer-Franks

Jasmine joined Pass & Associates in 2017 on a part time basis as she completed her degree at Curtin University, majoring in accounting and finance. Her father and aunt both own their own businesses, so she understands the importance of small businesses in today’s world. Jasmine has since completed her studies and now works full time.


Jacqui Palmer

Jacqui is our office manager and was the first employee of Pass & Associates when she and her family emigrated from South Africa in 2006. Jacqui's previous employment was in the insurance and financial planning industry in South Africa.


Monica Pass

Monica is a long term administration professional who relieves for Jacqui and works most afternoons.  Being a Singapore native, Monica brings some worldly experience and fusses over David.


Geoff Partridge

My name is Geoffrey Partridge and I’m the resident broker here at Pass & Associates,

I’ve spent my career helping clients at different banks only to grow dissatisfied with the ability to help clients from one lender. All too often, I came across a great client I wanted to help, but couldn’t because of that banks’ lending policy. As a Broker, I have access to 51 lenders who can help with most scenarios. It’s my job to make it easy for you and to provide you with options. 

Our service is also free to use. We never charge you for our service and it’s our mission to save you money on your existing loan or if you’re looking to buy a home or commercial property, obtain the best deal in the market. 

I’m based at Pass and Associates so you can make an appointment to see me, or pop in next time you’re passing. My advice to you is review your existing rate. Banks have a two tier pricing strategy that rewards new customers and loyal existing customers pay a higher rate for the same product. 

I’d love to help you and your family, please feel free to put us to the test. 


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